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Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth. For those ready to follow their faith in the footsteps of spiritual leaders (and even the way of the cross) and walk beside fellow believers, Globus’ collection of faith-based tours invite travelers on enlightening journeys that inspire them to bow heads and lift hearts across the globe.

    Divine Destinations.

    From the ancient stones of Jerusalem to the tranquil monasteries of Tibet, the spiritual heartbeat of the world is waiting. We have created a robust collection of faith-based tours for every spiritual sojourn. We can also customize tours to alight with your faith, inspiring a deeper connection with sacred sites.

    Sacred Connections.

    Every faith-based journey with Globus is a shared pilgrimage of faith, offering the chance to foster stronger bonds with your group, united by shared experiences and interests. These spiritual odysseys bring people together, connecting with one another and faith’s great journey.

    Sages of Stories.

    Globus guides are more than travel experts – they’re the keepers of local lore, spiritual traditions and historical narratives. These guides breathe life into ancient tales and foster deeper understanding of faith through spiritual, tradition-rich storytelling.

    Serenity. Guaranteed.

    With all the logistics – from holy site visits to local transportation and accommodations to meals – taken care of by Globus, you and your group can focus on your spiritual journey. We provide peace of mind so you can enjoy personal reflection.

    Faithful Stewardship.

    When you choose Globus, you’re choosing to tread lightly on our beautiful planet, to actively support local communities and to preserve the sanctity of sacred sites with help from our Lighthouse Project to light a path to a better tomorrow.

A World of Wonder.

Our extraordinary escorted faith tours are backed by more than 90 years of expertise, with a global network of travel-planning professionals, hand-selected accommodations, seamless transportation, and tried-and-true experiences in faith travel. Our award-winning religious vacations have earned a 98% rating for guest satisfaction by travelers who find inspiration and profound experiences in the destinations that call to the faithful. 

Go On! Take a Leap of Faith!

When you choose a faith-based touring vacation for your organization with award-winning Globus, the world’s leading tour operator, you’re making a divine decision bound to benefit your organization!

Here are two ways you can partner with Globus:

1. Travel Promotions & Paid Incentives.

When you make the decision to promote Globus’ faith-based vacations to your fans, followers and friends, you can enjoy the benefits of special promotional offers as well as paid incentives for bookings made. Not only will we give your organization a special promo code for select trips; you can get paid for every booking made through your group. So, if you’re looking for fun ways to add funds to your bottom line or non-profit needs, we’ve got the solution!

    1-15 Guests Booked

    3% incentive/booking 

    15-49 Guests Booked

    5% incentive/booking 

    50+ Guests Booked

    7% incentive/booking 

2. Group Trips.

Another way to travel together and SAVE is by organizing a group trip for like-minded travelers from your database of fans, followers, and friends. With Globus and Cosmos, when you book just 8 people on one departure, you will start earning extra savings and create tons of fun! We can work with you to choose the perfect itinerary and departure date to ensure an uplifting travel experience for your organization’s group trip!

Let Globus lead the way to an uplifting journey together.

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