Why Travel With Globus Faith?

Faith-based travel is the perfect way to build fellowship by intimately exploring the roots and stories of your faith with fellow believers. The power of walking in the very footsteps of our treasured religious history, or standing in the very places where the stories of Scripture unfolded, is a moving experience that is magnified when you share it with others.

Explore the roots of your faith with a Globus Religious Vacation, featuring some of the most spiritual places in the world. These inclusive tours are full of one-of-a-kind experiences & must-see sites to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

Globus Religious Tours

We’re also proud to offer a selection of Cosmos packages to Poland, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Israel, & Jordan. These tours are perfect for savvy, value-minded travelers seeking an enriching faith-based travel experience.

Cosmos Religious Tours

VIP Sightseeing

Access to the must-see sites, behind-the-scenes local experiences, headsets for all sightseeing in most destinations, and free time you can personalize with excursions and activities you can book online.


Included headsets for sightseeing give you the freedom to roam through some of Europe’s most famous attractions without missing a moment of fascinating commentary.


Private, deluxe touring motorcoach with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, extra leg room, and emergency restroom (in Europe). We can even coordinate your flights with your tour.

Superior Hotels

Selected for their comfort, beauty and proximity to key sites, hotels feature twin-bedded rooms with private a bath (hotel/city taxes, service charges, and tips for baggage included). Most hotels offer free lobby Wi-Fi.

Religious Services

Our itineraries not only have time set aside for personal reflection, we also include religious services or Mass throughout each journey. Where services are not included, they may be available during free time.


Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, beer, or soft drink on our included meals at local restaurants or hotels.


Airport transfers are included when you book air-inclusive on brochure dates.

Tour Directors & Guides

Expert Tour Directors and Local Guides reveal little-known facts, spiritual tales, and the inside stories behind each destination.


We let you personalize your trip...with optional excursions and activities you can plan, choose, and prepay in advance.


Discounts for groups, triples, early bookings, and frequent travelers, as well as many more special services.

Custom Tours

The Possibilities are Endless

Globus and Cosmos faith-based vacations feature itineraries to many of the best and most popular religious destinations. However, if there is a special trip or destination that your group of 20 or more passengers would like to travel to, we can customize a Globus or a Cosmos vacation to meet your group’s specific needs. Our Custom Tour specialists are on hand to help you design an itinerary to fit your group’s needs and interests while ensuring that the pace of the tour is right and all your must-see attractions are included. They can also assist with coordinating Mass or religious services. Your group will enjoy the same high-quality vacation you can expect from us, with the added benefit of having a uniquely designed itinerary.

A Custom Tour is a great alternative to consider when:

  • You have a minimum of 20 travelers who want to travel on a specific itinerary that is not featured online.
  • You have a pre-formed group that has traveled together previously and wants something special.

Group Travel Experiences are Priceless

Gathering together is part of the Christian faith—and travel continues this tradition, fostering personal faith bonds and closer affinity. Traveling as a member of a church or religious organization group is the most powerful way to develop fellowship, enhance your faith by visiting sacred sites together, and enrich your lives through a shared spiritual history.

With Globus, you get unparalleled support, which makes coordinating a group easy, rewarding, and fun. And it only takes 8 people to form a group! Group travel - why make dreams come true for just one person at a time?

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Our History

It all began more than 85 years ago

It all began 90 years ago

When a young man purchased a boat to transport visitors across Lake Lugano, Switzerland. Who would have thought that this single boat would launch one of the world's leading travel companies?

Today, the Globus family of brands is a global company reaching every corner of the world, yet remains family-owned and steeped in the values Antonio had when he set out across Lake Lugano—to enlighten travelers by showing them the very best of the destinations we know so well.

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