Group Travel

Group Travel Experiences Are Priceless

Gathering together is part of the Christian faith—and travel continues this tradition, fostering personal faith bonds and closer affinity. Traveling as a member of a church or religious organization group is the most powerful way to develop fellowship, enhance your faith by visiting sacred sites together, and enriching your lives through a shared spiritual history. With Globus, you get unparalleled support, which makes coordinating a group easy, rewarding, and fun—and it only takes 8 people to form a group! Group travel—why make dreams come true for just one person at a time?

Fundraise For Your Church

Thanks to our Get Out & Give Back program, group travel with Globus or Cosmos can also be a way to raise funds for your church. Depending on the size of your group, we'll make up to a $1,000 contribution to your church upon completion of travel. It’s easy to sign up and even easier to earn the donation. Just go as a group!

*Book a group of 26 travelers or more on a new 2014 Globus or Cosmos Religious tour to receive the $1,000 charitable donation. Book a group of 8-25 travelers to receive the $500 charitable donation. To qualify, group must be booked and under deposit between February 4, 2013 and December 31, 2014 for 2014 travel commencing by December 31, 2014. Full-paying passenger minimums of 8 or 26+ must travel to qualify for the bonus. Contribution to organization will be paid to the non-profit organization only and will be paid following travel. Applies to new 2014 bookings only. Additional restrictions may apply.

Priest, Pastor, Clergy or Religious Staff

We make planning a faith-based vacation easy! With scheduled departures, many of which are guaranteed to operate, this means more peace of mind for you. Compare what we give you in a vacation with what other companies offer – and then compare prices. You will see why knowledgeable religious groups and organizations choose Globus or Cosmos vacations because of their unbeatable value.
Contact us today for more information on how you can travel for free.

Save By Forming Your Own Group

If you form your own group, you may receive rebates on the land arrangement of your vacation.
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  • In a group of eight, one person travels at half price
  • In a group of sixteen, one person travels free
  • On tour TP (Footsteps of Apostle Paul), one person travels free in a group ten

Group Leaders & Organizers

Just think of the possibilities when traveling with your church or religious organization. Fellowship, outreach, and building a stronger community will be the results of making your spiritual journey. As gathering together has always been a part of the Christian faith and practice, travel continues this great tradition and fosters personal faith bonds and closer affinity.

How would you like to create greater community among your church or organization? And how would you like to earn free travel or dollars?

With churches and organizations across America participating in organized group travel, this is a great opportunity to experience the following benefits:

  • Develop community among your members
  • Enhance faith by visiting the sites & experiencing the history
  • Enrich the lives of your members

If the above sounds great to you, we can help you accomplish just that. As travel is one of the best ways to develop a close bond among people, the Globus family of brands would be honored to host a trip for your church or organization. With a variety of travel vacations and price levels, you simply decide which type of experience would most perfectly fit your church, ministry, or organization's interests. As one of the world's most recognized vacation companies, our trips are professionally organized, personally enriching, and provide for a lifetime of memories.

To become a group leader, what do you need to do? Simply choose a trip and destination then promote your trip among your church or organization. A group starts at 8 and signed up through your efforts, you earn the following reward: free travel or dollars.

For more information about organizing a trip, call us at 877.797.8793 or send an e-mail. Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Church or organization name
  • Contact info (including phone, e-mail address, mailing address)
  • Type of trip or destination desired, as well as dates
  • How you heard about us